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Welcome to CrossFit Will County! You have found the oldest, largest and most developed CrossFit box in the area. We are concerned about your fitness, personal, and health goals. With the most competitive pricing of any CrossFit facility we will not make you lose weight by making your wallet lighter. Please visit our "About Us" section to get to know us a bit better. See you at the box soon!

Workout of the Day

05/26/2015 - WOD 150526

5x: (in any order)

Row 500m

Sled drag 50′

Backward sled drag 50′

GHD sit-up x10-12

*today’s WOD is entirely sef-regulated. If you completed “Murph” yesterday then working out today at a fairly low intensity will help to speed recovery. If you rested yesterday then get after it today



Alternating DB curl 3×10-12

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Meal of the Day


To address a few frequently asked questions regarding our new Olympic lifting class:

1) the class will focus on the technical aspects of the snatch and clean & jerk, as well as their many variations

2) this is a stand-alone class, not meant to be piggybacked on top of a regular CF class. The oly lifts require energy and focus that may be lacking following a regular class. In addition to technique work, you can expect to move some heavy (relative to your ability) weights, and potentially some heavy (again relative) pulls and squats. We will also occasionally perform some oly based WODs (think “Grace” or “Isabel”).

3) the Tuesday night and Friday morning classes will be the same, so if you missed it on Tuesday then Friday is a chance to make it up. You are more than welcome to attend both but understand that the content will not be different. We will also continue to program oly lifting at least weekly in our regular classes. Ex: If the oly class focus is on the clean for a given week, then we will work on snatches or jerks in the regular class.

Hope this helps clear up a few things. Tonight we’ll talk a bit about the format of the class, then get to work on this week’s focus: split jerk. See you at the box

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a) there is no CrossFit Kids this Saturday 5/16

b) the Monday 7:30pm class has been cancelled

c) our Olympic Lifting classes will begin this week. Tuesday evenings at 7:30 and Friday mornings at 10:30. See you there

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